Oct 02
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Nothing Comes to Sleepers but a Dream

The year was 1981 and I was a senior in high school. As we readied for our prom—yes decorating the school gym, balloon arch and painted canvas backdrop for photos included—we had to choose a song for our theme. While there were a number of songs that were cruising high on the charts, I nominated a song that was a little off the beaten trail. The song I chose was Nothing Comes to Sleepers but a Dream, by The Gap Band.

The opening verse spoke of the dawning of a new day and the singer remarks that another dream has come and slipped away. He sings on about the visions of his heart and how they have been scattered by the processes of life. Then he hits on a single point, and declares that if you let it, it’ll, “makes you open up your mind and try to see how to make your dreams come true.” But then he cries…just above a whisper, in a mournful voice… “Ohh life is but a dream…nothing comes to sleepers but a dream.”

Hidden within the lyrics of this song is found the beginning of the path that many find themselves on today. As parents, we all remember when our children came into our lives and our hearts were filled with dreams and visions of what they would be. Perhaps you had a wonderful childhood and you vowed your child every bit of the happiness you enjoyed as a youth. Or perhaps yours was a dark and troubled youth and you swore that you would hide your child from the depth of darkness that was your experience.

But then like a storm that’s refusing to lift, the essence of that song rings out to you, “Ohh life is but a dream…nothing comes to sleepers but a dream.

The good news is that it’s not too late for us to make a change. To make a difference. One of our SROs, Ofc. Gomez, is famous for saying in his presentation on Computer Safety and Awareness, “Will the real parent, please stand up.” And as the adults, we together have the responsibility and the opportunity to build that protective wall around our children. But, equally so, we also need to teach our children how to stand up on their own so that when they are not with us they will still stand.

Built into the schools’ philosophy is the thread of Character Development. Through the incorporation of programs like the Wise Skills program, your schools along with the SRO Corps is reinforcing the truths that you as parents are teaching at home. These core truths are what will give your child the ability to say no to drugs and yes to the Natural High that comes with truly living life.

Charlie Wilson, the lead singer continues by saying “Standing all alone you wonder what is real. Is it what you see or is it what you feel? While you’re wondering the day has passed away, no more time for wondering it is time to pray.” And this is our time. Our time to make a difference. Our time to impact and inspire our children to greatness. It is our time to act. Because, like the singer said, nothing comes to sleepers but a dream.

Looking forward, we are starting presentations on bullying and citizenship as two of our first foundation stones of character. You can help us help you by reinforcing these at home. If there is any other ideas or help you need, you can always find us here at The Resource…. BTW: about the song selection, the prom committee decided to go with Sail On by the Commodores instead.