Apr 26

Spring, Spring, Spring

“Oh, the barnyard is busy in a regular tizzy, And the obvious reason is because of the season. Ma Nature’s lyrical, with her yearly miracle. Spring, Spring, Spring.”

And with my scribing of those few lines I’ve managed to date myself on the one hand and confused half of my readers on the other. If you’re over 50, then you’re part of the crowd that has a chance at remembering the 1954 MGM release of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. With the opening song, Bless your Beautiful Hyde, sang by Howard Keel, playing the part of Adam Pontipee, the movie takes off on a fun filled farce of a retelling of the not so funny historical event of the Abduction of the Sabine Women.

This famous little song was part of a collection written by the team of Gene de Paul and Johnny Mercer for the movie and captures the rapturous spirit of spring. With the warmth of the sun, fields bursting with color, and birdsong on the wing, spring can be intoxicating. This is also the season when our city’s bike patrol will be out in force.

In various teams of twos and threes, the blue and white clad duel-wheeled enforcers will be making their presence known in the places where it would be too difficult to get a patrol car. Look for them in the parks and along the many walking paths that crisscross our city linking the growing spread of Meridian together as one.

Coming up soon, the Bike Patrol will also be working with a number of schools for the annual Bike and Walk to School events. If your child’s school is chosen, your student will have the opportunity to ride alongside uniformed police officers on their police bikes. Also out that day will be members of the Meridian City Motors, Officer Stoy and Sgt. Arnold. These stars of the traffic team have volunteered to escort your students from the rally points all the way to the front door of their schools. Of course, the other SRO’s and I will be out there too because keeping your kids safe is our first priority.

As spring gets underway and summer fast approaches, I want to remind you as parents to keep your kids safe as the canals have been filled and are flowing. With its cold water and high banked sides, a simple canal can be a very dangerous place; especially for our little ones and pets. This is one venue where the innocence and ignorance of our children can work against them.

Well, we’ve come to the end, but you know where you can find me. I’ll be hanging out here, at, The Resource.