Apr 19

By The Numbers

3 strikes in baseball. 4 downs in football. 2 halves in basketball. The higher the number the better the score in bowling, while the opposite is true in golf. Everywhere you go there seems to be numbers telling you how fast, how many, how high or how low. We can’t get away from them. Numbers are everywhere.

And the same is true when it comes to the law. Numbers, numbers, numbers…. A code for this and a code for that. The numbers that we’re concerned with in this edition of The Resource are those related to the production, possession, and the transmission of sexually explicit images of children; better known as Child Porn. Between the years of 1998 and April of 2015 there have been over 4.3 million reports of suspected child sexual exploitation reported. These numbers continue to climb with the meteoric rise of social media sites and our children gaining access to them.

Let’s see what the state of Idaho has to say about all this. Idaho State Code (ISC) 18-1506: It is a felony to solicit a minor child to participate in a sexual act, to make any photographic or electronic recording. (Just recently Idaho State legislators decided that the first offense for a juvenile will be charged as a misdemeanor.) ISC 18-1507: Every person who knowingly and willfully exploits a child (under18) in any sexually explicit act/material is guilty of a felony.
ISC 18-1507A: Every person who knowingly and willfully has in his possession any sexually exploitative material is guilty of a felony. And finally, ISC 18-1509: Enticing a Child: Any person shall be guilty of a misdemeanor who attempts or persuades a child under 16 from home, school, vehicle or building or to be removed from public view.

And of course we cannot forget our federal system, Federal Law 18 U.S.C. § 2251: Causing a minor to take part in sexually explicit conduct in order to visually depict that conduct. Parents who allow this behavior can also be prosecuted; and 18 U.S.C. §§ 2252, 2252A: It’s also a federal crime to use a computer to ship, transport, receive, distribute, or reproduce for distribution a depiction of a minor actually engaging in sexually explicit conduct, or any material that otherwise constitutes child pornography. It’s another federal crime to promote or solicit sexually explicit material involving a minor.

A whole lot of words and yes, numbers, to tell us what we already know; hurting children is a bad, bad thing.

One of the areas I see our children get themselves into trouble in is in sharing these images they have collected from friends and various sources. A few years ago, the legislature made this a very serious offense. ISC 18-6609 – Video Voyeurism – makes it a felony to either intentionally or with reckless disregard disseminate, any image of the intimate areas of another person or persons without the consent of such other person. In other words if your child shares the sexually explicit images of another child without that child’s permission it is a felony…and children can’t give consent.

This is one venue where the innocence and ignorance of our children can work against them. Well, we’ve come to the end, but you know where you can find me. I’ll be hanging out here, at, The Resource.