Mar 10

Pull Your Head Out

ostrichImagine driving across the vast African savannah. Knee high stalks of golden yellow grasses sway in the steady breeze like amber waves pushed before the ceaseless wind. In the near distance rests a pride of lions, sitting in regal repose, resting out of the heat of the noon day sun. Beyond the lions, herds of zebras, elephants, rhinos and gazelles move in watchful formations as they hurry to eat their fill of the nutrient rich grasses. But off to one side—all alone, its black and brown plumage ruffled by the wind, stands a 9 foot tall, 350 pound bird with its head buried in the sand.

We see this and laugh, having all heard the myth of how the ostrich—when threatened—will bury its head in the sand. The facts, as in most cases, are contrary to the assumed truth. What we know to be true is that due to its bulk, the ostrich makes its nest underground and what we see is not a big dumb bird hiding from obvious danger, but a caring parent checking on the welfare of its offspring, by rotating the eggs and checking on their status.

Like the lions in our scenario, pornography in the form of sexting and a plethora of online social media sources, standby just waiting for the proper opportunity to attack and seize the vulnerability of our children. And like the ostrich, we need to be diligent in checking on and constantly rotating our children within the confines of their environment.

When we or our children participate in the use of pornography—sexting, we become part of a larger subculture; the culture of sex trafficking. While the images your child may be viewing could be commercially produced by “willing participants”, those same images can be used to entice a child into a risky or even life threatening situations. In over 10 years of investigations, I never once investigated a sexually oriented crime where pornography didn’t play a huge role; particularly in cases of child sexual abuse.

I referenced before how according to Shared Hope International there are on average 100,000 American youths trapped in sex trafficking industry. And to the dismay of many, these same kids may be found attending the same schools and be members of the same teams as many of our own children.

TV, movies, and popular music all feed the stream of culture that flows out into the river of the downward trend of social values. What we see on TV now, in many cases, was considered pornography only 30 years ago. This is the world our children have inherited. What is the kryptonite to this superman of evil? Relationship. As parents we have to do at least as good as the ostrich. We need to stick our heads into the world of our children—that means getting nosey—and see what’s going on in their world. Then we need to turn them away from harm and turn them toward success and safety. Of course the most important example our kids will ever see is us. Our children get their first understanding of the world from the homes where they live. It’s up to you and me to help our kids find that safe path. Of course if you need more help you know where to find me…I’ll be hanging out here, at The Resource.