Feb 08

Who doesn’t remember the three wise monkeys?

Who doesn’t remember the three wise monkeys? One monkey sat with a hand covering his eyes, the second had a hand over his mouth and the last monkey covered his ears? This image was usually accompanied by the saying, “Speak no evil, See no evil, Hear no evil.” The image made famous by afternoon cartoons, is that of a Japanese proverb, a pictorial maxim, which is most often linked to the idea of turning a blind eye to things of evil; or the things that make us uncomfortable.

But in today’s world of instant information parents can no longer afford to turn a blind eye or make believe our children are blind, deaf, and dumb to the issues that surround us. One of those issues is that of sex trafficking and its younger cousin, sexting. If your child has possession of a smartphone, then your child has access to the world and even more sobering, the world has access to your child.


As an SRO, I speak to a lot of students and I’m constantly amazed at the level of misinformation that exist in the minds of our youths. When I ask them if they or someone they know have ever been involved with sexting, there is about 3-5% representation in every class. This representation is true across the board, even in classes as young as the 6th grade.

Parents often ask, “What can we do if we find sexual images on our children’s devices?” My first thought usually run along these lines…that’s kind of like running out to slam the barn door closed after all the livestock has gone. As parents, the thing to do is to get out ahead of the problem. And in order to do this, we must initiate frank, honest—and ongoing—dialogue with our children.

According to Shared Hope International the average age that American youths are drawn into the world of sex trafficking is 14-16 years old, with an average of at least 100,000 American youths trapped in the trafficking trade.

In our next few posts, I will share with you some key points to identify and address in order to secure your child against the seducing voice of this ever growing subculture. I will do this by introducing a three pronged approach to breaking the stronghold that can be created by sexting and porn addiction. First, the effect and impact sexting has on the world of sex trafficking; Next, we’ll discuss the affect sexting and pornography has on the brain of the user and how it creates psychological addiction. Finally we will discuss what Idaho State Law says about sexting and pornography. In the meantime, if you have any other questions or concerns, you know where you can find me…I’ll be hanging out here, at The Resource.