Oct 02

The Resource…

Hello there and welcome to The Resource. As the blog voice for the Meridian Police Department’s SRO (School Resource Officer) Corps, this is our opportunity to reach out to you and for you to reach back to us. Here in The Resource we will provide updated information on current trends and other things that you might need to know and be made aware; and of course answer what questions you might have.

Your SROs bring with them over 188 years of law enforcement experience, which includes proficiencies garnered from service stretching from Kentucky to California. Wrapped up in that bundle of time is a combined service of over 70 years’ experience working as SROs right here in Meridian City. Hidden away in the middle of all that history, your SROs bring with them prior experience that range from rodeo cowboys to computer/information sciences. We are parents and grandparents, prior narcotics and sex-crimes investigators.

With years of experience working with canines, bike patrol, combined with prior military training and even teaching at Idaho POST Academy, the institution where all the police officers in the state are trained, the SRO corps is ready and eager to serve our schools, students and parents.

In this first edition, I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce our SROs:

Our senior SRO is Officer Mike Lock, Meridian Middle School, and he brings with him over 41 years of police experience and 28 years’ experience as a SRO.  Then comes Officers G. Kortan and M. Payne, Sawtooth Middle and Rocky Mountain High School. Together they bring with them over 42 years’ experience and 18 years’ service as SROs.

Next is Ofc. Ellis, Heritage Middle School, who comes with 27 years’ experience and 7 years’ service as an SRO. Our next most senior SROs are Ofc. E. Scharff, Renaissance High School, and R. Rhoades; Meridian High, bringing with them over 52 years’ experience and 9 years of SRO service.

Ofc. B. Allison, Alternative Middle and High Schools, brings with him over 16 years’ experience, which included 4 years’ service as an SRO. And our final two SROs are Officers D. Gomez, Mountain View High School, and A. Catic, Lewis and Clark Middle School; bringing with them over 11 years’ experience and 4 years’ service as SROs.

Our team is led by Sgt. S. Harper who brings a whole bag of super cool, high speed police stuff along with him that makes our team really special. So, with all that said…or rather typed, I am looking forward to getting to know you all better. Until next time, remember, you can contact us here at The Resource…or at our respective schools.