Oct 02

On The Hunt

Imagine a crisp fall morning in the woods. It’s early and the only sounds you hear are those of perking coffee over an open fire and your campmates. The coals from last night’s fire are glowing red, almost florescent against the deep purple of the receding night. Hunting…almost a life passage in the great northwest.

Here in Idaho one of our favorite outdoor activities is hunting; and within our SRO Corps this is no less true. Whether deer, antelope, elk or bear, we have members who strap up, camo-out and hit the trails before the sun has even thrown back the bed covers and began its trek across the sky.

However, in talking with a number of our students and parents, I get the feeling that some of you believe that as SROs (School Resource Officer) we spend the bulk of our time hunting you. You have said it seems we do our best to catch you doing something wrong, losing control or making a series of bad choices.

This is not true.

As SROs we have more in common with game wardens than with hunters. While in the schools, the primary job of the SRO is security and safety. Every day, your SROs commit themselves to stepping into that gap that exist between your child and the possible threats that just might present itself.

One of the things we do to protect our schools and make them safe zones is present classes on different threats and trends on the streets. In this upcoming year, we will present classes to your student on computer safety, sexting – not how to, but the dangers associated with it, drug and alcohol addiction, safe driving habits, and many others. As these classes come up we will contact you either here in The Resource… or directly through the schools.

One of the newer threats we’re seeing on the streets is a new synthetic drug called Flakka. According to one of our narcotic investigators, Flakka is a stimulant that is making its way out west from the east coast. We find that Flakka is best described as “bath salts only more potent.”

According to sources at NBC News, “Flakka is more addictive than its synthetic predecessors.” What that means to you and me is that it represents a possibility of a whole lot of trouble. Like the Broncos preparing for an upcoming game, our best defense is a good offense and vice-versa. We cannot afford to sit back and wait and see what happens next. Instead, we need to take the offensive and educate ourselves and our children about the harm drugs like Flakka and others bring with them.

I have attached two websites where you can begin to educate yourself and your children, but be looking for more news coming soon. See you next time here in The Resource….

1: Flakka: New synthetic drug is more potent than predecessors 

2: Flakka: the new killer drug, is spreading across the country